Innovative fast inductive charging

solution for electric vehicles

Innovative fast inductive charging
solution for electric vehicles

Final report

This document gathers the main information concerning the project. It includes a description of the project context, a presentation of its objectives, of its main technical results, a description of the potential technical and socio-economical impacts and the main dissemination activities.You also may download the complete version.


System architecture
• This section gives an overview of the project, of its main components and of the data and energy flows that link them.

Contactless power module
• This section describes the contactless power module that has been developed during the project and some of the results of the tests that have been carried out.

Power electronics of the charging station
• This section describes the power electronics, and mainly the HF inverter, that have been developed and included in the charging station.

Electro-mechanical system for inductive charging
• In this section, the mechanism that permits to approach the onboard installed coil to the primary coil is presented.

Grid impact analysis
• A large scale implementation of this system would have a non negligible impact on the grid. Therefore, a grid impact analysis, presented in this section, has been carried out.

Energy management system
• This section describes the energy management system that enables the coordination of the charging network and offers several services to EV users.

User Interface
• The user interface that enables the EV users to communicate with the energy management system is presented in this section.

Vehicle integration know how
• This section presents the know how that was acquired by the partners during the integration of the dynamic charging device to the vehicle.

Battery test bench
• The battery test bench designed in order to emulate the behaviour of the vehicle during charging is presented in this section. It permitted to anticipate the potential problems on the interaction between the charging device and the battery pack.

Inductive charging station
• This section presents some of the characteristics of the inductive charging station.

Primary dynamic charging infrastructure
• This section presents the infrastructures that have been implemented in order to carry out the demonstration.


Potential impact / Dissemination
• This section gathers the potential technical, sociological and economical impacts that this technology could have. The different dissemination activities that took place during the project are also presented.